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New Dinosaur Show

Your Dinosaur Explorer has made an amazing discovery on his latest adventure, its a Magical Dinosaur Egg. This Dino Egg then miraculously disappears from the Egg Safe, but when it is found it has hatched. When your explorer finds the baby dinosaur he is fast asleep, so before waking him up, we find out all about the baby T-rex. His magical parents can change colour, his friends are super competitive and take part in the Dinosaur race game, where a child chooses a dinosaur and takes on the grown ups in this exciting interactive game, the birthday child will help to colour in a picture of your dinosaur by magic and keep this picture. Finally it is time to meet Dinky or Dexter, the baby T-rex who will come and entertain all the children with his crazy jokes and amazing magical powers. The birthday child will keep his magical poster and receive a Dinosaur soft toy as a birthday gift at the end of the party.

This show is performed by either Flip or Dippy.

Explorer Flip's dinosaur is Dinky.

Explorer Dippy's dinosaur is Dexter.

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