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Interactive Workshops
Circus Skills, Balloon or Puppets

Fantastic fun workshops for all ages, building teamwork,

co-ordination, balance, confidence, creativity, dexterity and perseverance through structured lessons.

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Circus Skills Workshops

Roll Up Roll up, the Greatest Circus is in town!

Juggling Scarves, Juggling Balls, Spinning Plates, Balancing Feathers, Poi, Stilts and Balance, Unicycles, Diabolo's You can learn it all and more....

Learning Circus Skills will promote:

  • Confidence

  • Co-ordination

  • Teamwork

  • Physical Activity

  • An understanding to learn

  • Balance

  • Creativity

  • Rhythm

  • Dexterity

  • Perseverance

Structured Workshops

Ideal for Schools, Brownies, Cubs etc.

In this style, the circus skills equipment is in three key areas within the hall.

The instructor demonstrates all the equipment in a mini show, then the children are split in to three groups
and rotate around the equipment.

The workshop can be finished with either the children performing a little show or a fun pedal go race.

All children in a structured workshop receive a certificate of achievement.

Informal Workshops

These are great for Fêtes, Carnivals, Weddings and Christenings etc.

The instructor gets all the equipment out and your guests are free to come and go and take instruction as it is required.

Balloon Modelling Workshops

Balloon workshops are fantastic for both children and adults, it guarantees lots of giggles and fun as everyone masters the basics. As an added bonus everyone will go home with a bag of balloon models that they have made. Children will learn all the basic models, poodles, giraffes, rabbits, parrots on a swing and swords etc. If we are providing a workshop for teenagers or adults, they will learn the next level of balloons, where each model requires multiple balloons to accomplish. Superworm, airplanes, penguins, monkeys, princess wands and superheroes etc.

Puppet Performing Workshops

Our puppet workshops are suitable for all primary school aged children including reception classes.

A great way of developing emotions, language and speech. This also encourages the appropriate and productive use of puppets in the classroom.

At the start of the session, the puppeteer will explain how to use the different styles of puppets and how to bring them to life, give them characters and emotions, such as being happy, excited, shy, upset, worried and angry.

After this demonstration, the children watch a mini puppet show to see how this is all put in to action.

The children now are free to choose some puppets, practice bringing them to life, giving them names and characters and have conversations with their own puppets and also interacting with their peers' puppets.

We will finish the session with a game of pass the puppet, with the 'winners' showing what they have learned through the session.

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