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Christmas or Halloween Shows

At these very special and exciting times of the year, we step up to the mark with our Spectacular Christmas or Halloween Themed Parties. We will give your children the time of their lives with these unrivaled shows.


Santa's Entertainment Elf Shows

In these Fabulous Festive Shows your entertainer is one of Santa's Entertainment Elves, there is always a massive Christmas themed story, with Father Christmas, Snowmen, Reindeer and Christmas presents, all mixed in with Juggling, Magic and Unicycle skills to create an unforgettable experience. Our favourite trick runs throughout the show, where your Elf will keep attempting a spectacular piece of magic, which always fails until right at the end when he has just given up, it finally works. The children all see the giant inflatable growing behind, but the elf doesn't believe them….. there is uproar as the children make themselves heard!! There are many children assistants within the show all of which receive a Christmas Prize and a Sticker for their help.


Christmas Puppet Shows

Our Christmas puppet show is much more calm and gentle than the Christmas Clown show due to the ages of the children it is performed to. The Christmas Puppet Shows are very activity based, with lots of participation from the whole audience. There will be a variety of soft hand puppets coming to visit the children with a host of different acts. Depending on which entertainer you have, some of the puppets you will see are; Paddy the Baby Polar bear, Iced P. the Penguin, Santa Paws, Moodolph, Chrismouse, and the Christmas Fairy. There will be singing, magic and lots of general silliness from the puppets and plenty of laughter and fun for all the children.

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Show & Disco Package
2 or 3 Hour Party

Christmas Show and Disco.

We add our Children's Christmas Disco to any of the above shows to complete a spectacular party. There is a huge Inflatable Christmas Archway over our disco's with Santa and a Snowman either side. We have all the current tunes that are suitable for children, and all the party action songs too. However we do not just play the tunes and expect the children to dance, there will be lots of games and competitions, where the winners are given Christmas prizes (i.e. Santa hats, stockings, colouring books etc.)
Throughout the disco we also dance to all the action songs with the children so if they have never performed the dance before, they can copy us.


The Santa Handover

If you have organised Father Christmas to attend your party, we can organise all the children to sing for Santa. We will sit them down in a group and let them know Santa is imminent, but will only come to see us if we sing. After the first song, nothing happens, we try again, but stop them halfway through, Its not loud enough we tell them. This time after a spirited song, Santa comes in to visit. This is a nice organised way for Santa to enter as the children are all sitting, excited, but calm and controlled rather than all running to surround him. We will also if required, help Santa by calling out the names and keeping the children organised through this part of your party.


Halloween Family Party

We are proud to provide the very best family friendly Halloween Shows in the Midlands. We have fully themed stage sets, with haunted tree backdrops, large inflatable ghosts, pumpkins, vampires etc. Our shows are story based and fully interactive for the whole audience. Our shows include, Off to Wizard School, a Trip to Ghost Island, Ghost Bosters Dudley Depot, and Frankenstein Saves the Day.
Our Halloween Shows can be followed with our Halloween Disco, with flashing Ghosts and Pumpkin Lights, Halloween Games and Halloween Prizes.

These are very silly ghost stories, not scary ones and can be tailored to be suitable for children 5 years old and above.

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