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Pirate & Princess Magic Adventure Show 4-8yrs

These are magical adventure stories, Flip's Story; Flip is in disguise as a pirate for this adventure. The ghost pirates have stolen all of Princess Amelia’s treasure. It is up to our Party Princess or Party Pirate (the birthday child) and all the children to save the day, they find a treasure map and this is the start of a magical boat ride to Ghost Island to locate the treasure. The children supply the sound effects as they go through the adventure, on the way they encounter spring snakes, pyramids and mummies, a magic treasure chest and a floating Princess in this fully interactive themed show. Dippy's Story; It is the Pirate Princesses birthday and all the preparations are being made there is a magic pizza and party cake magic, but then Pirate Pinky Stu and his band of pirates steal her birthday present from the Pirate King. It is up to the children to find the treasure map and locate where the treasure has been buried, once this has been retrieved the fun and games of the party can begin.

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